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Learn Faster with Feynman Technique

Are you having problem learning something new? Or are you wondering about your shortcomings in something you think you know. Maybe you don’t have any idea about your really important exam. Well, you can find answers to all your questions here! Keep reading !


Learn Something in 4 Steps with Feynman Technique

With the Feynman technique, you can improve yourself by simply teaching one subject to another, so that you can easily recognise the holes in your knowledge. After four steps, you can learn the concept deeply and dig the information into your memory better.

Why is Feynman Techinique Important?

Feynman Technique is mental model that was invented by Nobel Prize winner physicist Richard Feynman. Feyman, also known as “Great explanatory”, had gained respect for his ability to sample even complex subjects such as quantum physics.In Feynman’s Lost Lecture : The Motion of Planets Around the Sun, David Goodstein writes that Feynman is proud of himself for his ability to describe the most complex thing in the simplest way possible.

Goodstein once asks Feynman why he has a function called “spin one-laf particles obey Fermi-Dirac.” Feynman says he will prepare a simple lesson on subject, but after few days,he comes back empty. He admits to Goodstein “I couldn’t lower the function to a simple level.” It means “we don’t understand this enough.”That means, If Feynman cannot explain something in simple terms, there is a problem with knowledge, not Feynman’s ability to teach.

Feynman Technique is clearly revealed in James Gleick’s 1993 Feynman biography “Genious: The Life and Science of Richar Feynman.”In book,  Gleick explained how Feynman succeeded in his exams at Princeton University: “ He opened a fresh notebook. On the title page he wrote: NOTEBOOK OF THINGS I DON’T KNOW ABOUT. For the first but not last time he reorganized his knowledge. He worked for weeks at disassembling each branch of physics, oiling the parts, and putting them back together, looking all the while for the raw edges and inconsistencies. He tried to find the essential kernels of each subject.” This is his first step, let’s look all of them:

  1. Pick a topic that you want to understand and start working on it. Write anything you know about that topic and if you learn something new about that topic, don’t forget to note that.
  2. Act like you’ll teach to class your topic. Make sure you can explain the subject under simple circumstances.
  3. When you stuck, go back to books. The gaps in your knowledge must be obvious. Visit problem zones again until you can fully explain the issue.
  4. Make it simple and give examples. Repeat the process while sadizing your language and combbine facts with sampling to strengthen your understanding.

Feyman Technique is really good way to learning new things, understanding new ideas, studying for exam or trying to remember something. We weren’t kidding when we said it was good for everything. We really recommend using this technique.

Our favorite Feynman Book

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