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1 March – 31 October 2021 | Online, Greece

“Youth Pool” is includes activities of informal and non-formal (online) peer-to-peer education, aiming to advocate, to participate, to build teams, to empower, to organise, the ultimate goal is to empower people for positive change.

“Youth Pool” is a global youth initiative launched by Inter Alia’s informal network “A Partnership for Youth”.

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In line with the European Union’s developments in the field of youth and our vision for a meaningful Youth Participation, we have designed a new approach for youth empowerment and promotion of hybrid youth work (digital and physical) without geographic and socioeconomic limitations, Inter Alia’s Youth Pool.

Youth Pool foresees a series of non-formal (online) activities addressed to and organised by the young people, for the young people. Youth Pool invites young people from diverse backgrounds to come together to share, develop and practice their own ideas for change. Youth Pool directly responds to the Youth Goal #9 on Space and participation for all. The goal identifies that “young people are underrepresented in decision-making processes which affect them although their engagement is crucial to democracy. They need access to spaces in their communities to support their personal, cultural and political development.” Such spaces are youth-friendly mechanisms and structures, physical or virtual that support participation and autonomy for the young people in all areas of society.


We foresee 4 virtual meetings (each one building on the achievements of the previous) including non-formal activities, team work, expert consultation, and filed work:

  • Meeting No. 1 (8 &10 March 2021): Team building and aims

Participants meet for the first time and get to know each other. They learn how to do research for local youth and need analysis.

  • Meeting No. 2 (TBA April 2021) – Needs

Participants present the outcomes of their research in the form of a need analysis. An interest mapping takes place and the whole Youth Pool is split into working groups based on their interests. Participants will also learn how to search for best practices and solutions to the identified challenges.

  • Meeting No. 3 (TBA May 2021) – Solutions

Participants present outcomes of their search. They acquire advocacy skills and learn to draft proposals for local interventions.

  • Meeting No. 4 (TBA October 2021) – Evaluation

Participants present the interventions implemented and evaluate the process of team work and the outcomes of the interventions.

In a period of 8 months, the Youth Pool participants explore the challenges in their community, meet people from all over the world, share knowledge and experiences, collaborate with the local community and implement local interventions to advocate for youth rights and change. Young people are going to connect with other young people, engage with their local communities and get empowered to envision and work for a desired change.

Registration and further information

Frequently Asked Questions

Υoung persons, organisations or institutions interested to participate in this initiative are invited to register here until 28 February 2021. For more information, contact Amerissa Giannouli at .

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