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7 Techniques for Time Management

As stated in a very famous proverb, time is money. Especially today, our time is very precious, and it is essential to be able to use every moment correctly. Even if this is difficult because of the various distractions, it is not impossible to achieve.

Each person may have different ways of self-discipline, focus time, and motivation. Accordingly, although it is difficult to provide a definitive recipe, here we give general solutions. You can adapt these to yourself.

First, find out which times of the day or which days of the week are more beneficial for you by thinking about yourself. Try to spread the tasks that require more work to the hours when your mind is purer, and the more tired or challenging focus work to other hours. In this way, you do not blame yourself for the things you are continually trying to do, and you can spend more time for yourself.

7 methods to use your time effectively and manage your time in line with your needs.

  • Use Agenda

Although classic calendars, wall, or table calendars are still popular for some people, calendar applications in our phone or e-calendars created especially for planning can be more effective through reminders.

Accordingly, you can use the calendars of the e-mail account you use. These can also be easy to synchronize. Also, you can create daily and weekly plans with applications such as Zoho Calendar, Desktop Calendar, Evernote.

  • Do Not Leave Your Job Half

Try to complete every task you started. If the job you are about to start is something that cannot be completed at once, first cut into parts and then do not leave these parts unfinished. Because every task we left unfinished is in our minds and causes us to stress. This affects other tasks we will do.

You can use the well-known Pomodoro technique for this purpose. Accordingly, it is provided to make a work plan in the form of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of breaks. Thanks to these short working intervals, you can handle a certain part of the job at hand.

  • Do Now Whatever You Have on Your Mind

Writer and presenter Mel Robbins writes about the five-second rule in her best-selling book. Accordingly, when you remember a task that comes to your mind, you should get up and take care of it right away instead of postponing it to do it soon. Because after five seconds, your brain will pose various obstacles to prevent you from doing that job.

  • Focus Mode

Another benefit of technology is the focus mode found on many phones. You can also do this through applications such as NoxOcean, Forest. But if you have this application on your phone, you can use it.

Accordingly, you can put limitations on applications by switching to focus mode or you can save your working time by adjusting your working time. The importance of this lies in the fact that it disturbs our conscience by showing how much time we spend in front of the screen. A period that seems to us very short corresponds to hours on social media. Or when we think we work hard today, we see that we only work for 20 minutes.

  • Make a Habit That Can Be Done Every Day

Having a habit you will make every day can be important for creating internal discipline. According to this, the important thing is to be able to find something you can do every day for 1 hour, whether it is a habit that only takes 1 minute. If you want, you can simply try to get into the habit of reading 5 pages of books every day. Or a habit like practicing yoga for 15 minutes. When you do this, you start to feel the same sense of responsibility for different jobs over time when you force yourself to do it.

  • Get Up Early

Although this does not apply to every person, it is a habit made by many successful people around the world. This habit benefits you in your work life because the day begins with the sunrise. When you get up early, it will be easier to plan the day and distribute things. If we assume that our minds are more open in the morning hours, it will be more appropriate to do the things we need to focus on.

  • Work Balanced

Postponing the things you need to do and putting them on a single day will not leave you time to solve the problems that may arise, and it will be more difficult to focus on the anxiety this brings. Working to the extent that you will not bore yourself daily but to the extent needed, both provide you with the ability to finish the job on time and motivation for further work.

There may be items that can be added or removed here. But some practices generally arise around these substances. You can find the best method by applying these substances to yourself and your work.

Sibel Güney  

StudyIngram Editor

Illustration: Yaren Yakut

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