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The USA has many of the best universities to choose from for university education. Although the USA has the best universities in the world, you can get excellent career opportunities with the education you will have here. However, the USA is more expensive than Europe in terms of university fees.

However, if you still want to study in a different country, we have compiled the universities that are suitable and good for you. We made sure that these cities were also livable for students.

This site allows you to search for schools in many parts of the world by the title you want. You can search not only for a bachelor but also for master and Ph.D. fields. You can find suitable schools for you by clicking the link we put in the title.

You can also find scholarship opportunities at the bottom of the site.

This site is prepared especially for those who want to study in the USA and offers many search facilities. By setting the filters on the site, you can easily access the schools related to the department you want. This site also publishes articles on topics that many people do not know, which may be necessary for students in the USA.

You can take advantage of blogs and videos in tabs such as student voices, success stories on the site. Just the same, when you type the required information in the ‘match me’ tab, it also suggests the most suitable field for you.

You can search for universities in countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK. This site also has a unique search engine. You can use this to find the school that might be the best for you.

‘Resources’ section on the site, crucial articles are being published about what you need to do from the application process to the registration. Afterward, you can find the articles on job opportunities on the same tab. is a site that allows students to find schools in all fields and levels. You can easily find the university in the appropriate level, area, and state from the search button on this site. You can also find a solution to your confusion with different articles on the site.

This site contains only master, Ph.D., and postdoctoral postings. After selecting the category of countries at the bottom of the site, you can search for ads according to the field you want on the page that opens.

You can also find the necessary advice from the blog section of the site.

It functions similarly on this site. You can search for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate education in various fields and degrees on the site. It makes suggestions not only for America but also for many parts of the world.

We have suggested sites you can search for those who want to study in the USA. You can also check tuition fees, health insurance, campus and city life, accommodation, and scholarship opportunities on these sites. Before you decide on the school, you must decide on a place that will suit you in every respect. Some of the given sites have departmental recommendations that may match you, these sites enable you to make decisions easier. It will also help you learn about the laws and rules of the state you are going to.

Sibel Güney

StudyIngram Editor

Illustration: Yaren Yakut

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