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9 Phone Applications You Must Have While Studying Abroad

The dream of many of our followers is to study abroad or volunteer with the European Voluntary Service! If you are not a frequent traveler abroad, we have compiled 24 applications that you should have at first and that should be on your smartphone. We are sure smart phone applications will make your life easier abroad 🙂

Translation / Foreign Language Applications

1. Google Translate (Free)
Download Google Translate: iPhone | Android

Google Translate is one of the most widely used translation programs. You can translate your texts into any language with Google Translate which is supported in many languages. Although it is not a professional translation, it is an application that will help you enough to explain your problem 🙂

2. Duolingo (Free)
Download Duolingo: iPhone | Android

An application that can be a friend of your leisure time during transportation, between classes! A program that teaches you a foreign language with fun card apps and games. It will assist you in listening and speaking in voice applications.

Transportation Applications

3. Uber (Free)
Download Uber: iPhone and Android

Operating in 58 countries of the world, the US-based company carries out taxi service for about half the price. With its navigation feature, it allows you to travel cheaply with the nearest means of transportation.

4. GoEuro (Free)
Download GoEuro: iPhone and Andriod

If you are a student in Europe, it is a must have app on your phone! You can make a nice trip with your friends through the program that offers you great weekend alternatives, the shortest route and the cheapest transportation alternatives.

Entertainment / Venue Applications

5. Foursquare, Yelp, or Zomato

You probably have FourSquare on your mobile phone and it is a program that will be very useful for you abroad! You can find places, restaurants and cafes with comments on Foursquare. Be sure to take a look at Foursquare before eating and drinking anywhere in the country!

6. Where to Go? (Free)
Download Where to Go: iPhone | Android

Another venue application that should be on your mobile is Where to Go? An application showing the nearest places around you, where there are restaurants, where there are bars or cafes. If you are unsure where to go, you can get a random suggestion by shaking your phone with the “Shake to Suggest” option.

7. AroundMe (Free)
Download AroundMe: iPhone | Android

The AroundMe app lists you businesses in the food industry as well as places you need to reach, such as gas stations, hospitals and government agencies. The detailed map application also offers you the shortest directions.

Financial Applications

8. Mint (Free)
Download Mint: iPhone | Android

With the personal budget management application Mint, you can plan your budget, control your spending, and create your personal spending and savings management plan.

9. Converter Plus (Free)
Download Converter Plus: iPhone

Change in unit sizes and currencies among the continents is one of the issues that will challenge you the most. Since the temperatures, currencies, length sizes vary between countries, this application will be very useful for you. Continuous updating of the application in terms of currencies is a great advantage.

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